Factory direct two-color electrical insulation tape

    Price: $0.24 ~ 0.29 / piece
    MOQ: 7200 Pieces
    Model No.: 107658431
    Standard: 1.9*2000cm
    Packing quantity: 144 Pieces
    Payment: T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A, O/A
    • Color : Black,White
    • Weight :
    • Gross weight :
    • Net weight :
    • Carton volume :
    • Carton unit : Carton
    • Way of packing : Blister packing
    • Material :PVC
    Product Description
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    Place of origin: Zhejiang Province, China(Mainland)
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    1.Reliable service and fast delivery.
    2.Competitive price with excellent quality.
    3.So many styles , there will always be one you like.

    Factory direct two-color electrical insulation tape


    Factory direct two-color electrical insulation tape

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